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Hi there! Welcome to, a directory website for projects created by me: Kimba! This site is only new, so there's not a great deal here yet, but I've got a bunch of upcoming projects planned, so please be sure to check back later!

PokéPrint Collectathon

like a fire that keeps on burning

I'm Kimba; a gamer, collector, and all-round nerdy girl from Australia. I've been making websites since I was 12 years old and I find that they're the perfect creative outlet for me.

As you can tell, I love video games. My favourites are RPGs, visual novels, and oldschool 2D platformers, and I have a decent-sized collection of games that I'm slowly making my way through playing.

When I'm not playing games (or buying more games), I'm probably doing something artsy and creative. I've a particular interest in illustration, graphic design, and website design, but I've dabbled in pretty much everything - photography, cosplay, textiles, sculpture... you name it, I've probably tried it!

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